The Premiere Event for Industry Leaders and Aspiring Creators

Learn secrets from our speakers that have never been shared before — and actionable advice you can put to work immediately. Plus, you’ll meet creators to collaborate with, brands to partner with, as well as business execs and mentors to learn from.

VidCon Europe offers both a creator and an industry track. The industry track runs from 10:00 AM on Thursday March 22nd through the end of the day on Saturday, while the Creator Track starts at 14:00 on Friday. Read on to see which track is right for you.

Who Should Attend the Industry Track?

– Creators and Influencers
– Marketers
– Agency Execs
– Brand Strategists
– Audience Development Professionals
– Business Owners


The Industry Track brings together the top creative, audience, and revenue growth experts in the world to share their secrets. Each of our speakers will share insights that they’ve never before revealed. Top digital leaders will share strategies for success that will inspire you to build your own success and top execs from the leading video platforms will present and answer your questions as well.

VidCon Europe brings you the only independent gathering of industry experts to help you build your business and dominate the online video world. The Industry Track includes exclusive sessions all day Thursday and Friday morning and continues with shared sessions through the end of the day on Saturday.


Who Should Attend the Creator Track?

– New, emerging, and established online video creators
– Up-and-coming influencers
– Anyone who wants to work in the online video field
– Producers, editors, writers, filmmakers, vloggers, podcasters, and more!



The Creator Track starts at 14:00 on Friday and brings together some of the leading creators and experts to provide hands-on training in building your channel, making better videos, and working with brands. In addition, it includes attendee-driven birds of a feather networking sessions focused on certain genres of videos and creator-specific issues. Finally, the CREATOR track includes inspirational talks from the world’s top video creators. Each session will bring you tips, tricks, secrets, and insights never before revealed in public from our top experts.

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