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More sessions will be added as they are confirmed.

  • Using and Understanding Data and Statistics
    What metrics matter? How do you separate the noise from the signal? Join the co-founders of Theorist Media and creators of the popular Game Theorist and Film Theorist YouTube channels as they share what stats matter NOW, and how to use data to optimize your programming decisions, posting schedules and conversions as they unlock the secrets of the analytics tab! And don’t miss their follow-on AMA round-table open to all attendees on Saturday.
    Speakers – Stephanie and Matthew (MatPat) Patrick
  • AMA With Matthew and Stephanie Patrick of Theorist, Inc.
    In addition to creating two of the most popular channels on YouTube, Matthew (MatPat) and Stephanie Patrick have advised hundreds of companies on how to grow their YouTube presence. This AMA lets Industry Track attendees ask these experts anything — from expanding on their talk on Friday’s Creator Track to whatever’s on their mind.
    Speakers – Stephanie and Matthew (MatPat) Patrick
  • Diversifying Platforms
    Companies like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter have jumped full-force into the ever-changing world of online video. With so many different options, creators have been able to diversify platforms in addition to YouTube in order to maximize their reach of fans. Listen to strategies on how to optimize and cross-promote your online presence through multiple platforms.
  • How to Livestream
    Livestreaming has created new and unique opportunities for creator interaction with fans. The last couple of years have seen a boom — Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter seem to be trying to capitalize on the IRL appeal of livestreaming — creators and fans alike are taking notice. So what goes into livestreaming? Are people finding new avenues of revenue and are veteran creators really finding more meaningful connections with fans? Join top influencers and industry insiders as they discuss the future of livestreaming.
  • Getting Started with Brand Deals
    Brand deals can be extremely lucrative for creators but what does it take to garner relationships with brands that are cohesive to your channel and how do you know you’re not getting taken advantage of? Join creators and representatives from top brands as they give an honest take on how to navigate the integration of brands to your channel.
    Speaker – Gabe Gordon, Founder and Managing Partner, Reach Agency
  • How to Shoot Video on Your Mobile Phone
    The ability to shoot hi-resolution video is now easier than ever with the advancement of mobile phone technology — some creators have even chosen to use their phones as their primary camera for their channels. It used to be that the only faux pas you could make was shooting “vertical.” Now creators have to consider proper lighting, framing, and sound quality. This workshop will give you tips and tricks to use your mobile device to its full potential making high-quality content.
  • How to Work in Online Video Without Being a Creator
    So you want to work in online video but don’t want to be in front of the camera, not to worry, the internet has produced more jobs than you might expect. Listen to a group of editors, producers, and writers discuss how they have managed to be a part of an ecosystem they love without being on-camera talent.
  • Branding Your Brand’s Brand
    In a world where first impressions mean A LOT, it is critical for creators to implement eye-catching branding that not only leaves a lasting impression but makes viewers coming back for more. In this workshop, learn how to find a brand identity that is true to your voice by optimizing use of thumbnails and striking graphic designs to stand out in a giant sea of creators and channels.
  • Sound and Audio Workshop
    It’s a surprising fact that audio quality is actually more important than video quality for most productions. How do you get the best sound possible without spending a fortune? This session, led by one of the top creators in the industry, gives you tips, tricks, equipment advice, and strategies to get the best sound possible in your home studio, out on the street, and in other challenging environments.
  • Facebook Video For YouTubers: How to Make It Work For You
    The rules for Facebook video success differ considerably from those of YouTube. Now is the perfect time to take a closer look at Facebook video and what strategies would work best for you in engaging viewers on this social video platform. Learn how to get the most out of your Facebook video strategy with our tips and tricks for driving views and engagement.
    Speaker: Mark Roberston
  • How Creators Can Work With Traditional Media
    Traditional media isn’t going away, it’s just changing. As it changes, there are more and more opportunities for creators of all types to work with traditional media outlets including newspapers, magazines, and television. But how do you get started? Who do you need to talk with? This workshop explores the best ways to prepare yourself and your brand and to determine what types of traditional media fit your content and interests. It also focused on what these old media companies are looking for and how to work with them.
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The Creator Track starts at 14:00 on Friday, March 23, and brings together leading creators and experts to provide hands-on training in building your channel, making better videos, and working with brands. In addition, it includes attendee-driven birds of a feather networking sessions focused on certain genres of videos and creator-specific issues. Finally, the Creator track features inspirational talks from the world’s top video creators. Each session will bring you tips, tricks, secrets, and insights never before revealed in public from our top experts.

Who Should Attend the Creator Track: New, emerging, and established online video creators, up-and-coming influencers, anyone who wants to work in the online video field, producers, editors, writers, filmmakers, vloggers, podcasters and more!