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Who Should Attend the Industry Track?

  • Creators and Influencers
  • Marketers
  • Agency Execs
  • Brand Strategists
  • Audience Development Professionals
  • Business Owners

The Industry Track brings together the top creative, audience, and revenue growth experts in the world to share their secrets. Each of our speakers will share insights that they’ve never before revealed. Top digital leaders will share strategies for success that will inspire you to build your own success, and top execs from the leading video platforms will present and answer your questions as well.

VidCon Europe brings you the only independent gathering of industry experts to help you build your business and dominate the online video world. The Industry Track includes exclusive sessions on Thursday afternoon and Friday morning and continues with shared sessions through the end of the day on Saturday.


More sessions will be added as they are confirmed.

  • NEW! – Building a Sustainable Business on YouTube
    Every day it seems there are new changes, updated algorithms and unique ways to grow community, integrate sponsors and drive increased viewership on YouTube. Stephanie Patrick – co-founder of Theorist Media with YouTube legend Matthew Patrick (MatPat) brings you the latest insights and secrets from their research, work with hundreds of clients, and insights from building two of the top channels on YouTube. Also Stephanie and Matthew will be doing a follow-on AMA round-table Friday afternoon, exclusively for Industry Track attendees.
    Speaker – Stephanie Patrick
  • NEW! – AMA With Matthew and Stephanie Patrick of Theorist, Inc.
    In addition to creating two of the most popular channes on YouTube Matthew (MatPat) and Stephanie Patrick have advised hundreds of companies on how to grow their YouTube presence. This AMA lets industry attendees ask these experts anything – from expanding on their talk on Thursday’s industry track to whatever’s on their mind.
    Speakers – Stephanie and Matthew (MatPat) Patrick
  • How to Master Your Instagram Strategy
    Instagram’s Jackson Williams shares secrets on building a business on Instagram. This workshop will focus on new features like Instagram Stories, live video and more, with an emphasis on how creators and brands can authentically connect with global audiences in new, expressive ways. What’s the best way to leverage Instagram Stories and amplify global reach for your content? How do you take advantage of Instagram Live and establish an engaged audience? How can creators and brands leverage Instagram as their master toolkit for content production and curation? This session will explore those questions – and leave ample time for your own Q&A.
    Speaker – Jackson Williams, Strategic Partnerships, Instagram
  • Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories – A Metrics Analysis
    Instagram Stories burst onto the scene last year and quickly started taking some of Snapchat’s thunder. Which platform is truly a better place for you to build community, drive brand awareness, and deliver results? This session looks at actual numbers from both Instagram and Snapchat to help truly differentiate the two popular platforms.
    Speaker – Thomas Cillius, CEO, Snapalytics
  • Hacking the Facebook Algorithm 2018 – Inside Facebook’s Secret Promotional Code
    Jumpwire Media is constantly testing and re-testing Facebook’s promotional algorithm, varying image types, elements, and other meta-data. CEO Gavin McGarry shares the secrets his organization has learned over the past six months to help you drive more exposure, more likes, and more shares for your Facebook content.
    Speaker – Gavin McGarry, CEO, JumpWire
  • Influencers and Data: Friends or Frenemies
    Sometimes it seems like we are drowning in data – and when it comes to influencer marketing, there are so many different statistics, summaries, valuations, and other data elements that often seem to contradict each other. If you’re building an influencer-led branding campaign, or trying to value your own influence, what should you do? How do you separate and interpret the different data points that you or your clients use? Or should you just ignore data altogether? This workshop brings together experts from Wizdeo and one of their customers to talk through just what data makes sense and how you should think about using it.
    Speaker – Yasmin Djema – Marketing Manager – Wizdeo
    Speaker – Marc Valentin – CEO – Wizdeo
  • Fireside Chat with Jamie Bolding – CEO Jungle Creations
    Still sitting atop the charts as one of the most viewed channels on Facebook, Jungle Creations has come a long way in the last year. From hiring a dedicated sales force in the US to embracing Facebook’s constantly changing video expectations, this conversation explores how Jungle Creations has expanded, what the revenue opportunities on Facebook are now, and how longer form content is faring – with a look to the future of Facebook, Instagram, and other social video platforms.
    Speaker – Jamie Bolding, CEO, Jungle Creations
  • The Algorithm: YouTube Ranking Factors Analysis and Optimization
    With the help of Big Data, this session presents an in-depth look at the YouTube ranking algorithm for organic search results, what factors influence a given videos ranking and their relative importance, and how to optimize your content for them. This workshop will explore the differences between Native and Relevancy factors and pull in data to show how to optimize video across these dimensions for greater reach and engagement — both in terms of optimizing content as well as metadata.
    Speaker – Philip Zepelin, YouTube & SEO Consultant, NovelConcept
  • 2018 Social Video Trends and Insights Across Europe
    A Data Deep Dive that explores how viewing behavior, affinity, platform, genres, and creators differ among the top EU countries from one of the top data brands in the business with an eye towards what’s changed over the past six months and what’s likely to change in the future.
    Speaker – Denis Crushel, VP of EMEA, Tubular Labs
  • Online Video Growth Hacking: Tips & Tricks to Optimize for The Algorithm
    YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat all feature their own algorithms designed to maximize watch-time and revenue on their platforms. In this session, Mark Robertson will present his latest research into driving growth with social video across these popular destinations. Attendees will walk away with actionable, proven strategies, tips, and tricks to drive more exposure, views, and engagement for your content.
    Speaker – Mark Robertson
  • Nestlé Fireside Chat: The Maturing Face of Brand Video
    From influencers to long-form content, this conversation explores the challenges facing marketers and how video is scaling from storytelling to driving sales. Pete Blackshaw, Head of Digital for Nestlé Global, and Gabe Gordon, Founder and Managing Partner of Reach Agency, will examine how the world’s largest food company has evolved its video strategy from not only entertaining and inspiring consumers to also driving sales.
    Speaker – Pete Blackshaw, Global Head of Digital, Nestlé
    Speaker – Gabe Gordon, Founder and Managing Partner, Reach Agency
  • How Blockchain, BitCoin, and ICOs Will Change the Face of Media
    The world of currency, fundraising, and monetization in media is fundamentally changing. New financing options, built on the blockchain, will change how creators are funded, how artists work with brands, and how audiences and creators connect. This session explores what the tokenized business of the future looks like, how you can raise financing for your projects through cryptocurrencies, what you need to know to do an ICO, and much, much more.
    Speaker – David Prais, Chairman,
    Speaker – Adi Sideman – CEO YouNow
  • Secrets of Creating Branded Content At Scale
    Speaker – Matt Heiman – Diagonal View / Sky

Industry attendees also have access to all Confirmed Creator Track Sessions, content, and parties.


  • 3 Days
  • 6 Keynote Conversations
  • 12 hands-on workshops
  • 1 Amazing Networking Lounge
  • Parties, networking sessions and more
  • AMA Office Hours where you can ask our expert speakers anything
  • PLUS – 42 hands on workshops, keynotes, breakouts, and networking sessions from the joint industry/creator track on Friday and Saturday


From Think with Google: What you missed at VidCon: 5 industry perspectives

“I was amazed by the diversity of YouTube creators and their fans. Being an ‘older’ millennial (and a former high school awkward nerd myself), it is really encouraging to see how creators like Dan and Phil can create communities of fans who feel the same way. Same goes for audiences of different diverse and intersectional backgrounds who may have trouble finding a community in their immediate surroundings. I still may not understand the appeal of some of these YouTubers, but hearing it directly from fans made their relatable influence crystal clear.” —Dena Yago, Strategic Planner, TBWA\Chiat\Day

“VidCon made me realize that we’ve got to rethink how our brand shows up with this audience. We have to get out in front of YouTube’s impact on our customer or get churned in the wake.” —Derrick Wood, VP Brand, Content and Advertising, Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

“I was so glad that I brought my kid as it made all the difference to see VidCon and the passion of YouTube’s audience through his eyes. It has already started us thinking differently about upcoming plans. We plan to be back next year.” —Daniel Pierce, EVP, Managing Partner, Universal McCann

“As a marketer, it was difficult to miss the amazing opportunity. The authenticity and the connection that these creators offer represent the future of the business we love.” —Adam Puchalsky, SVP, Managing Director, UM Studios