Online video is changing. Be a part of the evolution.

VidCon Europe’s Industry Track this year will help decide the future of online video as the lines between traditional and digital video continue to merge.


VidCon Europe Industry Speakers:

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VidCon Europe Industry Track Advisory Board

  • David Prais, Co-Founder, Collider
  • Matt Heiman, CEO, Diagonal View
  • Rhys Noelke, SVP Strategy, RTL Group
  • Matthew Hawn, Head of Product & Consumer Experience, Audio Networks
  • Elly Garrod, Director of Talent & Partnerships, Studio71/CDS
  • Ashley MacKenzie, CEO, Brave Bison
  • Pasa Mustafa, Keshet
  • Jonatan de Boer, Managing Director, OnLane
  • Oscar Höglund, CEO, Epidemic Sound
  • Cailin O’Neil, SnapChatter
  • Nick Hayward, CEO, The Narrative
  • Sam Michel, Founder & CEO, Chinwag
  • Romario van ‘t Land, Managing Director, Hot Pepper TV