Creators love their fans, and their fans love them back.

This is excellent, and it seems only natural that they should get to meet! We love that some creators will stand in the same place for hours at a time to meet as many people as possible. But that “as possible” is unfortunately not “every person.”

For the last few years at VidCon US, we have held an online Meet & Greet lottery to give everyone an equal chance of meeting their favorite creator. This ensures that no one waits in line only to be disappointed when a session is full, and it generally reduces the amount of time people are waiting in Meet & Greet line.

The VidCon Europe Meet & Greet Lottery is now closed. Thank you for participating!



Here’s how it works:

The Meet & Greet Lottery is open to Community and Industry attendees only.
Creator Track attendees do not have access to the Meet & Greet Hall.

— If you registered for VidCon Europe before the lottery closed, we sent the lottery link to the email address you used to register. You could then use this link to rank your top choices for Meet & Greet tickets.

— On 17 March, you’ll find out your lottery results.

— Wristband distribution will begin on Saturday in the Expo Hall. If your Meet & Greet is on Saturday morning, we recommend that you pick up your badge at Registration on Friday so you can go directly to wristband distribution on Saturday.

If you are an adult (18+) who would like to join the child you are attending with in the Meet & Greet Hall, you are more than welcome accompany them without having a wristband yourself. If you would like to be in the photograph that is taken, however, you will also need to have a wristband for that Meet & Greet session.

Common Meet & Greet Questions:

Can I get into the AwesomenessTV Meet & Greet Hall with my friends?
Only those with the exact wristband for each Meet & Greet will be allowed in the AwesomenessTV Meet & Greet Hall at that given time. Unless you and your friend(s) have been chosen for the same Meet & Greet you won’t be able to get in together. Keep in mind, however, that we worked really hard to design this whole system to minimize the amount of time that attendees would have to wait in line, so you’ll only have to be away from your friends for a few hours at most. You’ll have the whole rest of VidCon to hang out!

Can I trade Meet & Greets with my friend?
We are not allowing any trading or swapping of wristbands. If we find that your lottery wristbands have been altered or tampered with in any way, they will be considered void and will not be honored.

I’m a parent/chaperone; can I give my Meet & Greets to the kid I’m in charge of?
Absolutely! Just tell the folks at wristband pick up that you would like to pass your Meet & Greet slot to your child and they will give them your Meet & Greet wristband. Your child must be present to receive your wristband.

I got a Meet & Greet that I don’t really want. Can I give it back to you so someone else can have it?
We don’t have a system in place that will allow you to give your Meet & Greet back before VidCon, but if by the time the event rolls around you’re still not super excited to meet all the people you’ve been selected for, you can opt out. Please note, however: once you decide you don’t want that wristband you won’t have a chance to change your mind and come back to get it. There are no take-backsies on this.

I didn’t get into a Meet & Greet I wanted. How else can I meet YouTubers?
There may be other opportunities to meet YouTubers other than in the AwesomenessTV Meet & Greet Hall, but due to tight schedules and security, we can’t say for sure. Remember that most of the Featured Creators are also doing panels, Q&As, and other content, so you’ll have a bunch of other chances to learn about them and see them do their thing. You can see all the places your favorite creators will be appearing by going to