Philip Zeplin (YouTube & SEO Consultant - NovelConcept)

Danish Philip Ask Zeplin-Frederiksen, born 1984, is a YouTube consultant and the founder of NovelConcept. 8 years ago he started working with SEO, and began experimenting with YouTube optimization after a few years while vlogging his experiences living in Tokyo as a student. Philip was later employed at iProspect as a Senior YouTube & SEO Consultant, and while at iProspect worked with clients such as; Microsoft, Oreo, Coca-Cola, Huawei, Pernod Ricard, Opel, Scandinavian Airlines, and more. Philip has optimized hundreds of videos and worked with over 50 different channels. In 2013 he graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, with a Master’s degree in Visual Communication. Later that year he created an online YouTube SEO video course, in 2016 released the first YouTube ranking factors analysis, and in his free time blogs about analytics and optimization. In 2017 Philip went independent as a YouTube consultant and software developer.

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