Candace Kuss (Director of Social Media - Hill+Knowlton Strategies)

Currently Candace is the Director of Social Media for Hill+Knowlton Strategies. She is H+K's advance scout helping clients integrate the right digital elements and platforms into their communication strategy. Candace runs the Technology Speculators program for H+K and was honoured to be named as an Innovator 25 by the Holmes Report. Candace is a member of the WPP Digital Advisory Board for Europe, a founding member of the Advisory Board for the WPP Stella women’s leadership group, and also on the board for Creative Equals and for VidCon Europe. She is a blogger and a frequent speaker at industry conferences and Ignite shows. Prior to H+K, Candace was a Creative Director at Ogilvy Interactive in London and SVP/Creative Director at both Digitas and Modem Media in America. Find her @CandaceKuss

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