Allan McLennan (President - PADEM Media Group)

Allan McLennan is the Founder and President of the PADEM Media Group. It has been written that Allan has been instrumental in the advancement and understanding of IP delivered content and data intelligence worldwide, participating in the creation/innovation, deployment and/or acquisition of new M&E and new financial offerings on 5 continents, in 17 countries and in over four and half billion households. Today through the PADEM Media Group he works in leadership and consulting roles with corporations developing, refining, marketing and deploying new IP delivered media engagement offerings, data economics and technology honed as corporate/entrepreneurial executive with in-depth experience gained through worldwide management leadership and consulting roles (ie; Ericsson, Siemens, Deluxe, Microsoft, Rentrak, REAL, Disney, Toyota, LEXUS, McKinsey) exercising more than 20+ years of digital domain expertise and M&E services & platforms across the ecosystem from content creation, distribution to accurate audience consumption across all connected devices and financial exchange services. Allan has over seven firsts in the evolution of digital media along with five patents in advanced advertising. He has been recognized as one of the most broadly informed and connected people in IP media and entertainment technology worldwide, recognized by the UK based global research corporation KNECT365 as one of the “Global Connected 100” and impactful voices beginning in 2014 and each year now into 2018. He is an active member of the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (EMMY’S), Producers Guild of America and SMPTE. McLennan speaks on related topics including cultural impact of new technologies worldwide and participates aggressively (as best he can) as a competitive master skier, sailor, mtn bicyclist, member of MENSA and as a hop-along runner in races near his home in the San Francisco bay area, and holds an MBA in International Strategy / (Behavior) Economics.

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