Tom Payne (Head of Video - Studio71 UK)

Tom Payne is a content producer and digital platform strategist who works with creators, brands, and broadcaster to engage and grow audiences. Tom knows that just creating great content doesn’t bring results; it’s about understanding the audience, platform, and data and then combining that with the best creative approach.

Tom has gained unique experience by working across all areas of production, by growing online brands from scratch and co-founding a video publishing business. He’s worked with brands such as Jamie Oliver’s FoodTube, NBC Universal, Lad Bible and LEGO (where he helped launch multiple new digital channels), broadcasters including Channel 4, Google and the BBC as well as directly with some of the worlds biggest content creators. Tom also co-founded a multi-platform, digital publishing business in 2012 and after 5 years of growth had grown it to become the largest video-based publisher in its sector and subsequently sold his stake to an investor from the companies first round of funding.

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